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Welcome to TAYplan

Change is constant and so is planning. People's lives don't stand still. Our cities, towns and countryside don’t stand still either. Shops close on the High Street, factories are replaced by distribution depots, houses are built on fields. Some of these changes happen overnight; others are so gradual that you might not notice.

Managing change means making difficult decisions. Scotland’s population is growing. We need more jobs and homes. Where should they go? What extra facilities will people need like shops, parks and roads? What do we do with derelict land that is no longer needed for industry now that more of us work in the service industry? How can we help our town centres adapt to the reality of supermarkets and online shopping? How should our towns and cities respond to climate change? How should we plan for our energy needs?

For most land there will be a statement in a plan showing what that land should be used for in the future. What the plan says will affect our futures – where we live, work and play, how businesses and the public sector invest, and what our towns and countryside will look like in the future.

TAYplan provides broad-brush direction for the next 20 years about where new development and infrastructure should take place and how. The current Strategic Development Plan was approved in June 2012 and the Plan is constantly reviewed. The 4 Local Authorities in the TAYplan area have their own Local Development Plan which shows the detail of what development should take place for the next ten years and they must reflect the TAYplan strategy.


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Includes agendas, committee papers, minutes and councillors serving on TAYplan.