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Welcome to TAYplan

The world around us changes constantly, whether it is politics, the climate and natural processes, society or the economy. Planning is a way to think about change before it happens so we can avoid problems and realise opportunities. This sometimes means making difficult decisions.

TAYplan is a Strategic Planning Authority for the Tay Cities region. We prepare a Strategic Development Plan which looks forward 20 years and beyond. This means big stuff, long term. Our population is growing and we need more jobs and homes, we also need parks, shops, roads and food, water, heat and power. What the plan says will affect our futures – where we live, work and play, how businesses and the public sector invest, and what our towns and countryside will look like in the future.

Our current Strategic Development Plan was approved in October 2017 and is available to download from the website.


More about preparing plans, participating in consultations and registering with us.


Includes agendas, committee papers, minutes and councillors serving on TAYplan.