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Dundee Wider Waterfront

Dundee Wider Watefront Strategic Development Area is a vast area of central Dundee which includes the whole Dundee Waterfront area and also includes Claverhouse Industrial Estate just on the north side of the city. This area is referred to in the approved TAYplan (2012) as Dundee Centre and Port but this name has now been changed to Dundee Wider Waterfront.

The £1 billion transformation of Dundee city waterfront, which encompasses 240 hectares of development land stretching 8km along the River Tay, is a strategic, focussed and forward-looking 30 year project (2001-2031) that is propelling the city to international acclaim. The area is divided into five focussed zones: Riverside; Seabraes; The Central Waterfront, City Quay and Dundee Port. Major regeneration and construction activity is already underway including road realignment and for the arrival of the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A @ Dundee) in 2016.

Dundee Port is earmarked in the National Renewables Infrastructure Plan (NRIP) 2010 as a location to support the delivery of offshore wind energy. As such it was declared an Enterprise Area in 2012 along with the Claverhouse Industrial Estate. Claverhouse Industrial Estate supports Dundee Port by providing additional land and capacity for industry required to support the development of the offshore renewable energy sector.

For more information on the land use planning policy framework for this location contact the Dundee City Local Development Plan team.

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Dundee City Council Local Planning

The present operational local plan for Dundee City Council is the Dundee Local Development Plan (2014).