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Getting Involved

Our engagement processes are there so you can have your say about what the plan says and how it responds to issues. The process map below shows the key stages when you can have your say.

To the right – watch our video to find out more about Strategic Planning in Scotland.

To read the approved TAYplan  – current plan,  and other matrerial see our publications page.

Process Map


Early Engagement

7 Weeks: 22 April to 11 June 2013

This stage is now complete

Opportunity to tell us about big issues and big ideas/projects.


several school workshops - click here to read summary report.

All the comments helped inform the Main Issues Report (2014).


Main Issues Report Consultation

10.5 weeks: 15 April to 27 June 2014

This stage is now complete.

This is most important stage to influence what the next TAYplan


Workshops and public events were held.

The comments helped inform the proposed Strategic Development Plan (2015).


Proposed Plan

8 weeks from 11 May to 3 July 2015

This stage is now complete

Proposed Plan, Proposed Action Programme and Equalities Impact Assessment

available for comment.

TAYplan Joint Committee agreed on 18 February 2016 to submit the Proposed Plan with no changes.

Proposed Plan and associated material submitted to Scottish Ministerson 7 June 2016.



June 2016 to March 2017
The examination was carried out by an independent panel of Reporters appointed by Scottish Ministers.

The Examination Report was issued to Scottish Ministers on 7 March 2017.



Approved 11 October 2017
Scottish Ministers approved the Strategic Development PLan for the TAYplan area with minor modifications

on 11 October 2017.


Tells you about TAYplan SDPA, joint committee and finance


If you want to be kept up to date and receive notifications register with us online.


For instructions our PDF instructions

Development Plan Scheme

The Development Plan Scheme explains the work that TAYplan will do to prepare the Strategic Development Plan. It also explains when interested parties can get involved and influence the content of the Plan. Development Plan Schemes must be updated at least once every year.

Making Contact with Community Councils

Most areas in TAYplan are covered by a Community Council or, in Dundee City, a Neighbourhood Forum. To find one near you click below and visit the community council pages on the website of the respective council.

Local Authority of Plan Contact Details Website