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RTPI Commends TAYplan's effective cooperation as model for future

February 5th, 2015

The Royal Town Planning Institute has commended TAYplan's approach to strategic planning for its 'effective cooperation for planning across boundaries'.

The following news article was released yesterday:

Perth and Dundee City Region: planning approach praised as model for the future

The TAYplan Strategic Development Planning Authority, covering the Perth and Dundee City Region, has been praised in a national report by the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) for the way the authority has co-ordinated key economic development, housing, transportation and other policies. 

Strategic Planning: Effective Cooperation for Planning Across Boundaries features the Perth and Dundee City Region as one of its key case studies, highlighting how effective partnership working, created through strong local buy-in and commitment from local councillors, is key to strategic planning and delivering real benefits to communities.

Janet Askew, President of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) said:

“Collaboration, strong leadership and democratic accountability are key to strategic planning. The TAYplan approach is a model for other authorities to create better connected, economically successful places for people to live and work.”

Craig McLaren, RTPI Director of Scotland said:

“The plan incorporates a wide range of different but important public policies and considers how they interact together. It is very welcome to see this approach nationally recognised as good practice as we debate ways in which we can better plan for the needs of our communities.”

The report contains six key general principles which strategic planning should follow for maximizing the benefits of planning across local authority boundaries across the UK and Ireland in order to generate more economic prosperity and better outcomes for communities, including major infrastructure and housing that is better connected to where people work, go to school, and enjoy their leisure activities.


For more information about the Royal Town Planning Institute in Scotland

RTPI Scotland: Craig McLaren + 44 (0)131 229 9628

Josh Rule: Royal Town Planning Institute: Tel: 020 7 929 8182 / Joshua.Rule@rtpi.org.uk

Notes for editors

General principles of strategic planning

  • Have focus - being efficient in the use of resources and clear about its purpose;
  • Be genuinely strategic – dealing only with matters which require resolution across boundaries;
  • Be spatial – i.e. it should make choices between places, not simply establish general criteria for later decision making;
  • Be collaborative - meaning that partners work together to see how they can deliver each other’s agendas;
  • Have strong leadership – so that negotiations between places are productive and not protracted;
  • Be accountable to local electorates.


Specific recommendations for Scotland:

  • The emphasis needs to build on the well established framework of strategic plans by embedding investment programmes for their areas and better connected to Single Outcome Agreements.

About the RTPI

With 23,000 members worldwide working in the public, private, charitable and education sectors, the RTPI is the largest professional institute for planners in Europe. As well as promoting spatial planning, the RTPI develops and shapes policy affecting the built and natural environment, works to raise professional standards and supports members through continuous education, training and development.

RTPI Scotland

RTPI Scotland represents 2,100 members in Scotland, working with members to contribute to policy development to improve approaches to planning for the benefit of the public, support our members to work with others who have role in developing places in Scotland and improve the understanding of the planning system.

For further general information, visit the RTPI website at: www.rtpi.org.uk.  RTPI is a charity registered in England 262865 and Scotland SC 03784.

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