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Forfar Community Drop-In Event Tuesday19 May

May 14th, 2015

The chance to let TAYplan know if you agree or disagree to the overall planning vision for the next 20 years for Dundee, Angus, Perth and Kinross and North Fife will take place over the coming weeks.

Cllr Lesley Laird, current convenor of TAYplan said: ““The decisions we make today will leave a legacy for future generations. 

“I would encourage anyone interested in the future of the region to look at the plan, and consider whether they wish to make a response.”

Following the approval of the Proposed Strategic Development Plan, which sets out a 20 year framework for growth, development and opportunities for the area, an eight week Period for Representations will start on 11th May.

The Period for Representations will give the opportunity for anyone interested to say whether they agree or disagree with any part of the Proposed Strategic Development Plan, and to let TAYplan know where changes should be made.

An information event will take place on Tuesday 19 May 2015 at Reid Hall in Forfar between 3.30pm and 7pm. Click here for more information

As well as this event people have a chance to take part in the Period for Representations online by filling in a questionnaire at www.tayplan-sdpa.gov.uk/tayplan2015.

The Proposed Plan will replace the current TAYplan when it is approved by Scottish Ministers.

Further information about TAYplan, its activities and recent publications can be found on www.tayplan-sdpa.gov.uk.

Additional events are being held in Perth on 20th May, Cupar on 28th May and Dundee on 3rd June.

Media enquiries: Cara Longmuir 01382 434196


More about preparing plans, participating in consultations and registering with us.


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