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TAYplan Examination Commences

June 21st, 2016

Scottish Ministers have now appointed independent Reporters to examine the Proposed Strategic Development Plan (2015).

The examination is hosted on the website of Scottish Government's Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA) at the following address:


This website is where you can follow the progress of the examination and where any new information and correspondence will be published. It is for the Reporter to decide what will be published on the examination webpage.

Examination format

The Reporter is first required to consider the Report of Conformity with the Participation Statement to ensure that TAYplan has involved interested parties in the ways it said it would in the Participation Statement (contained in the Development Plan Scheme March 2015). Once complete the consideration of unresolved issues will begin - it will be for the Reporter to determine the format of the examination and what (if any) additional information they need. Nobody has an automatic right to be heard.

Following the Examination

Once the examination is completed the Reporter will make recommendations to Scottish Ministers. It will be for Scottish Ministers to approve the Proposed Plan - in part or in full and with or without modifications. Once approved the new plan will replace the current TAYplan (2012) as the Strategic Development Plan for the TAYplan area.


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