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Good response to TAYplan's Your Place/Your Future/Your Say

July 9th, 2013

Good response to TAYplan's Your Place/Your Future/Your Say

Through workshops with young people and comments from individuals and organisations TAYplan has received a good input to assist the thinking on what the new main issues are for shaping how the TAYplan area should change and for considering any new big projects.

Thank you to all who responded TAYplan's early engagement stage.  The TAYplan team have started going through the responses received, reading all the comments and considering the points which have been made.  The Team have also held workshops with schools and youth council to help understand the views of young people. This will help the TAYplan team consider what new issues we should seek to address within the Main Issues Report. Over the past 4 months the team have also been working in particular with colleagues within the Local Authorities in the TAYplan area and our Key Stakeholders (Government Agencies) on issues such as: how TAYplan should adapt landuse to better manage climate change and what the role of the planning system is in this regard; better defining our outcomes and linking all our work to helping achieve these outcomes; energy and how TAYplan could set out a spatial strategy for energy supply; a strategic spatial green network strategy and what focus that could have; TAYplan is working with University of Abertay on better quality of graphics for the Main Issues Report; getting external advice on retailing and the key city/town centres; TAYplan have started to consider the Big Projects/Ideas which have been submitted as part of the early engagement stage; and much more.

The TAYplan team have a very busy 6-9 months ahead in preparing the Main Issues Report, Strategic Environmental Assessment, Monitoring Report and all the other reports that inform TAYplan's thinking at the main issues stage. The TAYplan Joint Committee will consider the Main Issues Report and related documents next February.

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