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All TAYplan Councils approve Main Issues Report and Environmental Report

March 17th, 2010

Following the Joint Committee's decision to approve the Main Issues Report, Environmental Report and other associated documents, all four Constituent Councils have now ratified these decisions.

 The Main Issues Report: Options for Scotland's SusTAYnable Region 2012-2032, and Environmental Report (Strategic Environmental Assessment) and associated background documents are now all approved for consultation.

All documents are now being printed and will be published on 30th March 2010 on this website and be available in local libraries/access points/local offices throughout the TAYplan area.  Community Councils, neighbouring authorities and key stakeholders will all be sent a copy with all documents on disc.

Details of the Main Issues Report consultation will be published before 30th March with details on the Information Events which will be held throughout the TAYplan area.  The formal consultation commences on 12th April for 12 weeks.


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