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TAYplan Examination Complete

March 7th, 2017

Today (8 March 2017) the examination of the TAYplan Proposed Stratetgic Development Plan (2015) has completed and the independent panel of Reporters have published their Examination Report. To see the full Examination Report and the Table of Reporter's Recommendations visit:

http://www.dpea.scotland.gov.uk/CaseDetails.aspx?id=117486 - Then click on the tab entitled 'Examination Report'

The Examination Report is where the Reporters make recommendations to Scottish Ministers regarding the Proposed Strategic Development Plan. Scottish Ministers will then decide whether to approve, modify or reject the plan.

The Reporters' recommendations include a series of modifications which offer clarity to several policies and pieces of text. The recommendations also make amendments to the housing supply targets and housing land requirments for Perth & Kinross housing market areas.

Reacting to this TAYplan Convenor Councillor Rob Murray said 'The Strategic Development Plan represents the hard work of many partners to provide certainty regarding strategic, long term, cross boundary issues. We are pleased to see the examination completed within the timeframe set out by Scottish Government and look forward to a speedy approval process so that Local Development Plans and much needed development can proceed with certainty'.

Next steps

Scottish Ministers will consider the Examination Report and either approve, modify or reject the Proposed Strategic Development Plan.If they reject it TAYplan must prepare a new Strategic Development Plan from the beginning. If they approve it then TAYplan must publish the approved plan (including any modifications). At the point of approval (with or without modifications) the new plan will replace the current TAYplan (2012).


TAYplan is one of four Strategic Development Planning Authorities covering the four largest cities in Scotland - Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee. It is a statutory partnership of Angus, Dundee City, Fife and Perth & Kinross Councils. Three elected councillors from each of the four councils serve on the joint committee that makes up TAYplan.

The Strategic Development Plan considers strategic, long term, cross boundary issues such as housing, transport, economic growth, environmental protection and enhancment, resource consumption, climate change, infrastructure and place shaping. The first Strategic Development Plan (TAYplan 1) was approved by Scottish Ministers in June 2012.






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