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This is where all documents published by or on-behalf of TAYplan are located. They are listed in order of publication date. For committee papers visit our Joint Committee page.

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Document Reference Table

Title Datesort ascending Author File Description Cost of Paper Copy
TAYplan Development Plan Scheme (March 2019) 03/04/19

Update to TAYplan Development Plan Scheme.

Tayplan Performance Planning Framwork 01/08/18 £0.00
SDPA Unaudited Accounts 2017/2018 27/06/18
Public Notice for the Tayplan Unaudited Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2018 21/06/18

This is a public notice explaining that the unaudited accounts for TAYPlan Strategic Development Planning Authority for the financial year 2017-2018 have been published and where and when these can be inspected.



Development Plan Scheme March 2018 18/04/18 Tayplan

This is the approved Development Plan Scheme.

TAYplan Action Programme 2017 06/02/18 TAYplan

This is the approved/adopted TAYplan Action Programme (2017).  It accompanies the approved Strategic Development Plan (2017).  This replaces the previous Action Programme (March 2016).

TAYplan SEA Post Adoption Statement 2017 01/11/17 Perth & Kinross Council for TAYplan

This is the SEA post adoption statement for the approved TAYplan 2017.

Public Notice Approved TAYplan 2017 01/11/17 TAYplan

This is the statutory public notice explaining that the approved TAYplan 2017 has been published.

Approved TAYplan Strategic Development Plan 2017 30/10/17 TAYplan

This is the approved TAYplan 2017.  It now forms the Strategic Development Plan for Angus, Dundee City, Perth and Kinross and North Fife.

Approval Letter from Scottish Ministers 30/10/17 Scottish Government

This letter approves the second Strategic Development Plan for the TAYplan area.