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Document Reference Table

Title Date Authorsort descending File Description Cost of Paper Copy
TAYplan Newsletter March 2012 31/03/12 TAYplan

This is the TAYplan Newsletter for March 2012

Issue 024 Other Issues 25/10/11 TAYplan

Issue 024 covers the representations made between June and August 2011 about Other Issues in the Proposed Strategic Development Plan (June 2011). This is one of 24 Schedule 4s that was approved by the TAYplan Joint Committee on 25 October 2011 and submitted alongside the Proposed Plan (June 2011) to Scottish Ministers on 1st December 2011.

012 Policy 4 Homes – Background and Technical Assumptions 25/02/16 TAYplan

The Schedule 4 (Summary of Unresolved Issues) forms part of the Note of Representations. It considers representations relating to the background and technical assumptions for Policy 4/Map 4 Homes on pages 24 to 29 of the Proposed Plan (2015).

Community Drop-In Event Leaflet 2015 24/04/15 TAYplan

This flyer tells you about 4 community drop-in events that will take place in May and June 2015. The events are free for anybody to attend and our officers will be available to discuss matters of interest about the Proposed Strategic Development Plan. You can find out more about the venues by visiting our events page www.tayplan-sdpa.gov.uk/events 

TAYplan Newsletter December 2011 05/12/11 TAYplan

This is the TAYplan Newsletter for December 2011

TAYplan Online Portal User Guide 18/04/13 TAYplan

This is a user guide to help customers to register and use our online consultation portal provided by Objective Online.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (2011) 23/05/11 TAYplan

The Strategic Flood Risk Assessment informed the approved TAYplan 2012.

011 Policy 3D, E & Map 4 Cupar North Strategic Development Area 25/02/16 TAYplan

The Schedule 4 (Summary of Unresolved Issues) forms part of the Note of Representations. It considers representations relating specifically to the Cupar North Strategic Development Areas covered by Policy 3 Parts D and E and also Map 3 on pages 20 to 23 of the Proposed Plan (2015).

Guide to Representations Period 24/04/15 TAYplan

This leaflet explains:
-what the Proposed Plan period for representations is and how you can get involved;
-where you can find copies of the Proposed Plan and associated documents as well as how you can make representations (comments) on the Proposed Plan, Proposed Action Programme and/or Equalities Impact Assessment; and,
-what happens once the period for representations has finished on 3rd July 2015.

TAYplan Newsletter May 2011 14/05/11 TAYplan

This is the TAYplan Newsletter for May 2011