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Document Reference Table

Title Date Authorsort descending File Description Cost of Paper Copy
Youth Camp Summary Note 08/05/14 Planning Aid Scotland for TAYplan

This is the summary of the Youth Camp held in April 2014, prepared by Planning Aid Scotland on behalf of TAYplan.

Strategic Review of Town Centres and Retailing in the TAYplan Area 05/12/13 Roderick McLean Associates on behalf of TAYplan

In spring 2013 TAYplan commissioned Roderick MacLean Associates Ltd to prepare a Strategic Review of Town Centres and Retailing in the TAYplan Area.

This research informed the TAYplan Main Issues Report (2014) on key strategic issues associated with town centres in the TAYplan area. The review requires a holistic approach to town centre policy and not simply focus on retailing. For example, this requires looking at factors such as attractiveness of town centres as places to visit, invest and live and work. In addition, the exercise suggests a consistent and standardised method of collecting data on town centres to monitor the health of the centres.

Approval Letter from Scottish Ministers 30/10/17 Scottish Government

This letter approves the second Strategic Development Plan for the TAYplan area.

Letter Approving the first TAYplan (2012) 08/06/12 Scottish Government

This is a letter from Scottish Government to TAYplan Strategic Development Planning Authority on 8 June 2012 confirming that Scottish Ministers have approved the Proposed Strategic Development Plan (June 2011) with minor modifications which are enclosed in the letter.

Examination Report (March 2017) 08/03/17 Scottish Government DPEA

Published by the Scottish Government's Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA) the Examination Report concludes the public examination of the Proposed TAYplan (2015). It deatils the findings of the reporters and their recommendations.

Table of Reporters Recommendations (March 2017) 08/03/17 Scottish Government DPEA

Published by the Scottish Government's Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA) this lists the recommendations made by Reporters on the TAYplan Proposed Strategic Development Plan (2015).

Strategic Development Plans in Scotland 20/06/09 Scottish SDPAs

This A5 leaflet was produced jointly in 2009 by Scotland's four Strategic Development Planning Authorities to introduce people to the Strategic Planning system introduced under the Planning etc. (Scotland) Act 2006.

Notice of Period of Representations 29/04/15 TAYplan

This is a statutory public notice/advert explaining that the TAYplan Proposed Strategic Plan has been published for a period of representations running from 11 May to 3rd July 2015.

TAYplan Newsletter May 2011 14/05/11 TAYplan

This is the TAYplan Newsletter for May 2011

010 Policy 3D, E & Map 4 Strategic Development Areas 25/02/16 TAYplan

The Schedule 4 (Summary of Unresolved Issues) forms part of the Note of Representations. It considers representations relating to the Strategic Development Areas covered by Policy 3 Parts D and E and also Map 3 on pages 20 to 23 of the Proposed Plan (2015).