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Schedule of Comments Recieved at Main Issues Stage (2011) 23/05/11 TAYplan

The Schedule of Comments Recieved at Main Issues Stage sets out all of the comments received on the Main Issues Report, the Environment Report and the Draft Equalities and Human Rights Impact Assessment in 2010. It is not a statutory requirement to publish this information by TAYplan considered that it was helpful. This document was published on 6 June 2011 alongside the Proposed Strategic Development Plan.

Community Council and Elected Member Briefing Presentation 25/04/14 TAYplan

This presentation was provided to Community Councils/ Elected Members on 15th and 17th April.

Equalities Impact Assessment (2014) 14/04/14 TAYplan

This is the TAYplan Equalities Impact Assessment (2014). This was prepared alongside the Main Issues Report 2014 and is subject to consultation. Comments have been invited on this document between 15th April and 12 noon on 27 June 2014. To comment online go to www.tayplan-sdpa.gov.uk/mir2014. You will need to register and login in order to comment.

TAYplan Customer Service Standards 04/10/16 TAYplan

The TAYplan Customer Service Standards were endorsed by the TAYplan Joint Committee on 4 October 2016.

Proposed Plan Submission Notice June 2016 07/06/16 TAYplan

This is the statutory public notice for the submission of the Proposed Strategic Development Plan (2015) which took place on 7 June 2016.

006 Policy 3 TAYplan Assets - general and text 25/10/11 TAYplan

Issue 006 covers the representations made between June and August 2011 about Policy 3 TAYplan Assets - general and text in the Proposed Strategic Development Plan (June 2011). This is one of 24 Schedule 4s that was approved by the TAYplan Joint Committee on 25 October 2011 and submitted alongside the Proposed Plan (June 2011) to Scottish Ministers on 1st December 2011.

029 Policy 10 Connecting People, Places and Markets – Whole Policy 25/02/16 TAYplan

The Schedule 4 (Summary of Unresolved Issues) forms part of the Note of Representations. It considers representations relating to the whole of Policy 10 and Map 10 pages 58 to 61 of the Proposed Plan (2015).

Topic Paper 1: Vision and Objectives (2011) 23/05/11 TAYplan

This is one of 7 topic papers published alongside the Proposed Plan in June 2011. Their purpose is to tell the story of how we went from Main Issues to Proposed Plan stage.

TAYplan Housing Analysis Paper 2010 01/02/11 TAYplan

This paper was prepared during late 2010 to inform the TAYplan Proposed Strategic Development Plan (June 2011). It provides analysis and discussion about the implications of the 2008-based population projections which were published for different geographies between February and September 2010.

TAYplan Newsletter June 2016 07/06/16 TAYplan

This is the TAYplan Newsletter for June 2016.