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This is where all documents published by or on-behalf of TAYplan are located. They are listed in order of publication date. For committee papers visit our Joint Committee page.

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Document Reference Table

Titlesort ascending Date Author File Description Cost of Paper Copy
TAYplan Monitoring Statement (2010) 30/03/10 TAYplan

The TAYplan Monitoring Statement was published in April 2010 alongside the Main Issues Report and submitted to Scottish Ministers. This was the first Monitoring Statement prepared by TAYplan.

TAYplan Minutes of Agreement 30/11/09 Dundee City Council Legal Services

The TAYplan Minutes of Agreement set out the legal agreement between the four councils that constitute the TAYplan Strategic Development Planning Authority. This paper includes the agreement for governance structures of TAYplan by the four councils.

TAYplan Housing Offer Report 31/05/17 TAYplan

This document analyses the numerous factors that contribute to the housing offer in the TAYplan area include housing stock and financial matters.

TAYplan Housing Analysis Paper 2015 24/04/15 TAYplan

This technical note examines newly available data since the completion of the TAYplan-wide Joint Housing Need and Demand Assessment (2013) and the consultation on the TAYplan Main Issues Report (2014). It includes analysis of the 2012-based population and household projections published by National Records of Scotland. The paper draws conclusions regarding housing supply targets and housing land requirements as well as other housing policy issues. This paper is summarised in Topic Paper 2: Growth Strategy and has informed the preparation of the Proposed Strategic Development Plan (2015).

TAYplan Housing Analysis Paper 2010 01/02/11 TAYplan

This paper was prepared during late 2010 to inform the TAYplan Proposed Strategic Development Plan (June 2011). It provides analysis and discussion about the implications of the 2008-based population projections which were published for different geographies between February and September 2010.

TAYplan Habitats Regulations Appraisal (2011) 23/05/11 TAYplan

The Habitats Regulations Appraisal was published on 23 May 2011 alongside the Proposed Plan. An updated version was published in October 2011 and submitted to Scottish Ministers in December 2011 alongside the Proposed Plan.

TAYplan Environment Report (SEA) 2010 30/03/10 Perth & Kinross Council

The Environment Report following the Strategic Environmental Assessment for the TAYplan Main Issues Report was published for comments in April 2010 alongside the Main Issues Report itself. Perth & Kinross Council acted as the responsible authority for its preparation on behalf of TAYplan. A non-technical summary was also prepared and published at the same time. The Proposed Plan (2011) carried forward options which had been tested in the Environment Report at Main Issues Report stage and so no additional changes were needed to the Environment Report.

TAYplan Energy Study 2017 09/06/17 TAYplan

This study considers some of the factors in achieving consistency for decision making on wind energy proposals with cross-boundary implications. It also begins early consideration of wider energy matters. This study may be updated at various points over the next few years as thinking develops.

TAYplan Economic Outlook (January 2014) 22/01/14 Oxford Economics

In Autumn 2013 TAYplan commissioned Oxford Economics to prepare an Economic Outlook for the TAYplan area. This work was completed in January 2014. It considers local, national and global economic influences on the TAYplan region and makes forecasts for future employment. It also considers the judgements made for scenarios examination in the TAYplan-wide Joint Housing Need and Demand Assessment (2013).

This study has helped to inform the TAYplan Main Issues Report (2014).

TAYplan Development Plan Scheme (March 2019) 03/04/19

Update to TAYplan Development Plan Scheme.