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This is where all documents published by or on-behalf of TAYplan are located. They are listed in order of publication date. For committee papers visit our Joint Committee page.

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Document Reference Table

Titlesort descending Date Author File Description Cost of Paper Copy
TAYplan Online Portal User Guide 18/04/13 TAYplan

This is a user guide to help customers to register and use our online consultation portal provided by Objective Online.

Tayplan Performance Planning Framwork 01/08/18 £0.00
TAYplan Planning Performance Framework 2011-12 01/09/12 TAYplan and Scottish Government

TAYplan's Planning Performance Framework is submitted to Scottish Ministers annually. This document includes the response letter and report feedback form from the Scottish Government.

TAYplan Planning Performance Framework 2012-13 05/09/13 TAYplan and Scottish Government

This is TAYplan's second Planning Performance Framework and includes the response letter and feedback form from the Scottish Government.

TAYplan Proposed Strategic Development Plan (2011) 23/05/11 TAYplan

The Proposed Stategic Development Plan was published on 23 May 2011 for a period of representations. It represented the view of the four TAYplan councils on what the content of the final TAYplan should be. It was accompanied by a suite of other documentation.

TAYplan SEA Post Adoption Statement 2017 01/11/17 Perth & Kinross Council for TAYplan

This is the SEA post adoption statement for the approved TAYplan 2017.

TAYplan SEA Scoping Report 2009 25/09/09 TAYplan and Perth & Kinross Council

The Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005 requires development plans and programmes developed by public bodies to be subject to Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). This document sets out the background information that will be used in the preparation of the Environmental Report. Perth & Kinross Council is the responsible authority and conducts the SEA on behalf of TAYplan.

TAYplan Youth Camp 2015 Report 02/09/15 TAYplan

This paper highlights the joint work by TAYplan and the University of Dundee in engaging young people in Planning through the use of the Minecraft Computer Game.

TAYplan-wide HNDA Calculation tables (2010) 20/01/10 Arneil Johnstone

These are some of the calculation tables and appendices which accompany the robust and credible HNDA (2010). These calculation support the parts of the HNDA completed by consultants Arneil Johnstone on behalf of TAYplan.

TAYplan-wide Housing Need and Demand Assessment 2010 20/01/10 TAYplan

TAYplan and the four constituent councils jointly prepared a Housing Need and Demand Assessment (HNDA) to inform the first Strategic Development Plan. It was submitted to the Scottish Government's Centre for Housing Market Analysis (CHMA) in January 2010 and was found to be robust and credible in January 2011 following similar assessments being completed for the council level HNDAs for each of the four councils covering TAYplan.

Consultants Arneil Johnstone were commissioned to carry out the assessment of need and demand with other work being completed by TAYplan.