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Document Reference Table

Title Datesort ascending Author File Description Cost of Paper Copy
032 Something Else 25/02/16 TAYplan

The Schedule 4 (Summary of Unresolved Issues) forms part of the Note of Representations. It considers representations relating to issues that have not been covered by other Schedule 4s (summaries of unresolved issues). Some of the issues raised are not related to the plan specifically.

Equalities Impact Assessment (2016) 24/02/16 TAYplan

This is the completed version of the Equalities Impact Assessment which includes comments received on the Equalities Impact Assessment (2015) between May and July 2015 alongside the Proposed Strategic Development Plan (2015).

Action Programme Update (2016) 22/02/16 TAYplan

This updated version accompaines the Approved TAYplan (2012). It replaces the previous Updated Action Programme (2014) as part of the requirement to update the document atleast every two years.

Development Plan Scheme (2016) 22/02/16 TAYplan

The Development Plan Scheme is updated atleast once every year and explains the work that TAYplan will be undertaking to keep the Strategic Development Plan up to date and how it intends to involve interested parties.

Greater Dundee Housing Market Area Housing Land Audit [6.19MB] 26/01/16 TAYplan and the 4 councils

This is a composite housing land audit bringing together all of the most up to date information from the published housing land audits for Angus, Dundee City, Perth & Kinross and Fife for areas that are part of the Greater Dundee Housing Market Area only. Any queries or updates to information should be directed to the respective council and not TAYplan.

Planning Performance Framework 2014/15 30/10/15 TAYplan

TAYplan's Planning Performance Framework for the year 2014/15 including the feedback from Scottish Government.

TAYplan Newsletter October 2015 06/10/15 TAYplan

This is the TAYplan Newsletter for October 2015

TAYplan Youth Camp 2015 Report 02/09/15 TAYplan

This paper highlights the joint work by TAYplan and the University of Dundee in engaging young people in Planning through the use of the Minecraft Computer Game.

Guide to next steps (2015) 08/07/15 TAYplan

This is a one side guide to the process for preparing the Strategic Development Plan. It explains the key activities that will take place following the period for representations (spring 2015) and up to 8 June 2016 when TAYplan must submit a Proposed Plan to Scottish Ministers to comply with legislation and then beyond to the examination.

Notice of Period of Representations 29/04/15 TAYplan

This is a statutory public notice/advert explaining that the TAYplan Proposed Strategic Plan has been published for a period of representations running from 11 May to 3rd July 2015.