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What the Plan is and what it is for

The TAYplan Strategic Development Plan sets out land use planning policies to guide where development should and should not go over the next 20 year or so. It considers the big, long term issues which affect the whole TAYplan city-region; including climate change, the scale of housing and population change, infrastructure planning and sustainable economic growth.

Each of the four councils in the TAYplan area prepares their own Local Development Plan to reflect the Strategic Development Plan and to identify specific sites and consider locally specific issues.


TAYplan Strategic Development Plan (2016-36)

Approved Strategic Development Plan (2016-36)

The most recent TAYplan was approved by Scottish Ministers in October 2017.


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TAYplan is involved in various areas of research that support the Strategic Development Plan.

Preparing the TAYplan Strategic Development Plan

The table below explains the important stages in the preparation of the next Strategic Development Plan. Also click here to visit our get involved page.

Stage of Plan Who Leads What Is Involved Where We Are
Pre-Main Issues Tayplan

Early Engagement:
Views are sought from interested parties on key land use planning issues and projects considered to be important for the next Strategic Development Plan.

Main Issues Report Tayplan

6-12 week Main Issues Report Consultation
This is the main period of engagement for people and organisations to influence the content and direction of the next plan.

The Main Issues Report presents the issues faced by the next plan and asks for views on how these could be tackled. The consultation responses inform the preparation of the Proposed Plan.

Proposed Plan Tayplan

8 Week period for representations

This is the settled view of TAYplan and the constituent councils of what the final contents of the Plan should be.

Interested parties can make concise representations in support or seeking changes. The representations are considered and the Joint Committee will then decide whether or not to modify the Proposed Plan.

Modifications would require a new period for representations. Otherwise the Proposed Plan and all representations would be submitted to Scottish Ministers.

Approval Scottish Ministers

Approval (with or without modifications)

Scottish Ministers will consider the recommendations made by the Reporters. They will then decide whether to approve (with or without modifications) or to reject the Proposed Plan.

Rejection means the authority needs to prepare a new Main Issues Report and run the process again.

Approval (with or without modification) means that the present Strategic Development Plan is replaced by the new one (with or without modifications).

Plan Approved

The plan was approved on 30/10/17. 

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